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:bulletblack: About Us:
It is the goal of Inspiring Words to motivate writers of all ages to put pen to paper - or fingers to keyboard as the case may be. We will also accept any and all forms of writing not written from the biweekly prompts offered.

:bulletblack: Guidelines:
:bulletwhite: Submissions must be literature.
:bulletwhite: Submissions must be in English as we don't have the capacity to analyze submissions which are not.
:bulletwhite: All work you submit must be your own.
:bulletwhite: Fan fiction is allowed.
:bulletwhite: Please make certain you submit your pieces to the correct folder.
:bulletwhite: Please treat each other with respect. If you have any issues with something or someone, please note one of the administrators and we'll deal with it right away.

:bulletblack: Prompts:
:bulletwhite: Prompts are given biweekly.
:bulletwhite: Prompts are merely the means of inspiration. If you don't write on the exact theme given but the word, quote, photo, or song gave you an idea for something to put down, still please submit it to the prompt folder.
:bulletwhite: It doesn't matter what genre your prompt-piece is as long as it follows our guidelines.
:bulletwhite: If you have suggestions for prompts, message us or post a comment in one of the prompts blog posts.

:bulletblack: Critiques:
:bulletwhite: Critiques are given by Inspiring Writers' staff members.
:bulletwhite: If you have a piece you would like to be critiqued, please submit it to the "To Be Critiqued" folder.
:bulletwhite: It doesn't matter what genre your piece is as long as it follows our guidelines.
:bulletwhite: Critiques are meant to build up, not tear down.
:bulletwhite: You piece may not be critiqued for a while, but be patient. We have other commitments as well.

:bulletblack: Contests:
:bulletwhite: Contests will be held (Hopefully) every month.
:bulletwhite: Contests will usually be prompts on things such as: photos, quotes, abstracts, one-liners, and phrases.
:bulletwhite: Any member can participate in our contests and any genre is acceptable as long as it follows our guidelines.
:bulletwhite: A new folder will be created for each contest as it comes. After each contest is over, the pieces will be moved to genre-specific folders. However, the winning piece (or pieces) will be featured here - and perhaps elsewhere if such prizes are donated.
:bulletwhite: If you, or someone you know, is interested in donating prizes for imminent contests, we would be most grateful.

:bulletblack: Favorites:
:bulletwhite: Favorites are usually suggested by staff members, but we'd love for you to suggest pieces you enjoy.
:bulletwhite: You may not suggest one of your own pieces as a favorite.
:bulletwhite: If you have any problem with a piece in our folder, please let us know.

If you have any questions, please send us a note.
Thank you! :heart:

-Inspiring Words' staff


Pieces of literature we love. :heart:
Alrighty so here a just a few updates.

Firstly, I am still looking for A LOT of Moderating and co-Founder jobs. I've had like two Co-Founders leave and a few Moderators as well. Please help me Moderate! D: To help sign up pop on over to this blog right here ---->…

Secondly, I have extended the last group Prompt, as many of you know, to give everyone another chance at it. I sincerely hope to see oodles of lovely posts within the next two weeks! To see this marvelous prompt mosey on over here ----->…

And lastly, I figured, how can I expect activeness from my group members when I haven't even posted anything here myself? So I went and created a folder for my works. It is called Founder Works and it is in the Group Gallery. There I will not only post my own random stories (Mostly about Murder I have found) But I will also post any example entries to the prompts or Contests. :D So if any of you guys want to check out my horrible writing then go right ahead! XD

Also, A contest will be hosted here if I can gather up enough points for prizes. I currently have only sixty points and need much more to run a proper contest. It would be absolutely peachy if any of you would like to donate to me so we can have a contest! The donate box is on my page! :D

Pretty soon I will put up a poll about musical preferences. This is to gather info about what kind of music you all listen to so I can have a prompt that will get everyone involved! :D This poll will either be put up as a poll or as a journal on the main group page. I really need everyone's feedback so please vote! :D

And that's it for announcements for right now! Thank you all for being so awesome! :iconalphafemalewolf: Signing out! :wave:
Alright due to the comments below I've decided to extend the prompt another two weeks. Please don't disappoint me! Link to the prompt below.… <---Prompt

Its been two weeks and the prompt is over and guess what? Not a single person entered. You can't even fathom the disappointment I'm feeling right now. Not a single person? Really? We have 1,712 member and no one can participate?

I was trying my hardest to work up some points to have a contest here but if no one is going to participate anyway then, honestly, why should I bother? Why should I waste my time so I can have maybe one entry?

I am so disappointed right now... If this group doesn't become more active then I may be forced to shut it down. I'm not going to have a group that doesn't do anything. Really, it would break my heart to have to shut this group down. I love this group and I have worked very hard to keep it open. I am not the only person who has worked hard, my co-founders have worked hard on this group too.

All I ask is for a little more participation. Though I know that maybe three of our group members are even going to read this.

Anyway I still need mods and such. A new Co-founder position has opened for anyone who wants it. Hop on over to the journal below for details to the mod jobs. Thanks.
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Come on Admins! Activity! We need to motivate this group to get up and do stuff! :D








:bulletblack: Affiliates:
:bulletwhite: If you would like to affiliate with our group, please send us an official affiliate request. We usually accept any and all requests, so if your request is declined, we'll be sure to enlighten you as to why.
:bulletwhite: If you're holding a contest, feel free to send us a note with the name, dates and description of it.
:bulletwhite: We would love to donate prizes for any of your contests. Just ask. :]

Members and visitors, please take a look at our wonderful affiliates! :heart:


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Unicornlovesdeer Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Student Writer
hey everyone, exciting news! i just published my first ever novel on the kindle store for $.99 and i’m so happy because it’s the culmination of three years of hard work!
if you guys would consider purchasing it and maybe look at it and give me feedback..? i’d be eternally grateful:

thanks lovelies xoxo

i'm so happy to finally have it out to the world, especially since i'm so lazy i thought it would never be finished! yay for accomplishments!
mmpratt99 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thank you so much for accepting The Visitor From Curtisville--Chapter 13 !
hujikari Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What a difficult word...
But, I like the challange.
Love this group! :heart:
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EnlightenU Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm merging this account into another (Dr-Pen) and will eventually delete this one. Because of this, I may have to resubmit my writings to most of the literature groups here if it is allowed.
mmpratt99 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thank you many for accepting Chapter 12--In Which Kes Allyntahl Several Interesting Things
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